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"Seven Seals Zodiac Line" - Infinite variety of flavors.

Five whiskies with the characteristics of the zodiac signs

(pm/sp) Over thousands of years, the production of whisky (also called "water of life") has evolved and been perfected through ongoing progress. Fathers and scholars have passed on this craft to their successors, helping to shape single malt as we know it today. Each generation has had to be open to innovation in order to keep pace with change. Seven Seals' partners were also fortunate enough to meet such scholars along their life's journey. With the help of the knowledge imparted by them, another milestone in the development and perfection of whiskey production could be laid. "Time doesn't matter" - time is far from being the main aspect of our refinement. "Taste matters" - the decisive factor is the taste.


The variety of flavors of single malt whiskies is infinite: from slightly citrusy and very delicate to full-bodied malts with lush notes to earthy, very smoky whiskies, you can find it all. But unfortunately, this variety of distinctive whiskies is steadily decreasing due to the lack of good barrels. This is a consequence of the huge demand for the golden elixir. If one knows what influence the oak barrel as well as the liquid once contained in it (whisky is mostly matured in previously used oak barrels) have on the whisky (60% of the taste), it quickly becomes clear: If the barrel quality dwindles, the end product also loses character. The first six years or so in the oak barrel are the most important in the conventional maturation phase of a fine single malt whisky. During this time, about 80% of the cask aroma is released into the liquid. The rest is due to evaporation loss, also called "angels' share". Approximately 2-3% of the contents and alcohol volume percent evaporate each year, making the flavor in the liquid, which cannot escape, more concentrated and complex from year to year. This physical process has an enormous impact on the character of the future single malt whisky. This is one of the main reasons why people always talk about "the older, the better". The concentration of the aroma in the liquid alone makes up the taste experience, but this is only partially related to the aging of the single malt. In recent years, various new whisky distilleries around the world have come onto the market with new innovative aging processes. These innovations show that not only the time in the barrel is decisive for a high quality whisky. Heat, high pressure and various mechanical influences are used to accelerate this phase of aroma release from the barrel to the whisky. If this maturation process can be shortened, it has two significant advantages: On the one hand, all the many barrels that have been blocked by storage for decades are back in circulation more quickly, and on the other hand, the financial storage costs are reduced many times over.


The Seven Seals Zodiac line represents the infinite variety of flavors of single malt whiskies and the goal to implement the many possibilities of the Seven Seals process and the numerous ideas of the team. In this line, Seven Seals translates some characteristics of each zodiac sign to the whiskies, working only with the positive characteristics, of the zodiac sign. In the production of the whiskey, these character traits are addressed and transferred to the whiskey. The result is incredibly exciting single malt whiskies with interesting flavors. The Seven Seals Zodiacs are bottled in various limited batches of 365 bottles.


This Irish single malt whisky is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio and is strong-willed, determined, hardworking, critical of other whiskies and Pluto also gives it its mysterious nature. Therefore, it is subtle from the beginning but to the point until the finish! It is flavorfully balanced and complex with hints of vanilla and a touch of roasted nuts and wood. In the end, a fruity note remains which is perfectly integrated into a multi-layered complexity.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: vanilla and roasted nuts, a hint of wood.
Taste: very balanced, complex, vanilla, roasted nuts, wood
Finish: fruity note, long lasting


This Irish single malt whisky is under the astrological sign of Aquarius and is eccentric, progressive, forward-looking, sociable and expresses its individuality. Therefore, it is balanced from the start. It is a gentle giant and has its voluminous smoky aroma cleverly wrapped in velvet. Fine aromas of gingerbread, dark chocolate, fine spices are accompanied by roasted aromas from the campfire. A very long finish crowns the pleasure.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: gingerbread, dark chocolate, campfire
Taste: very balanced, gingerbread, chocolate, voluminous smooth smoky aroma
Finish: long smooth finish of fine smoke

THE AGE OF TAURUS 49,7% 50cl

This Irish single malt whisky is in the zodiac sign of Taurus and is down-to-earth, balanced, enjoyable, confident and persevering. Like the zodiac sign, "Taurus" stands for the full enjoyment of life. For this reason, this whisky is our Smoky Port Bomb with Triple Wood Double Tawny Port Finish. It is intense and bold, earthy with a light toasted smokiness and a playful bitterness with subtle sweetness in the background.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Intense, salty, woody, earthy, pleasant dried fruit, dark chocolate, cane sugar sweetness.
Taste: Nice and intense, earthy and woody, toasted smoky notes, salted peanuts, sea salt.
Finish: Wood, spice, earth, acacia honey, raisins, sea salt, subtle sweetness.

THE AGE OF LEO 49,7% 70cl

This Irish single malt whisky is under the zodiac sign of Leo and is a real winner. It appears self-confident, being an absolute sherry bomb. He is determined, gregarious with a big heart and lots of fire. He is our fat lion, with Triple Wood and Double Pedro Ximenez Sherry Finish, just an absolute sherry bomb. The whisky is very balanced, wonderfully intense, beautifully fruity and is accompanied by woody notes with intense forest honey.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Wonderfully intense, very fruity, berries, dried fig, raisins, roasted almonds, gingerbread,
Taste: Pleasantly woody, dried fruit, pickled cherries and plums, dark forest honey, dates.
Finish: woody, intense forest honey, berries, cotton candy, hay, dates.


This single malt whisky is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Is extroverted and enthusiastic, his optimism and humor make him popular and his positive attitude to life infects other people. Sagittarius is nicely balanced from the start. It is pleasantly smooth with subtle flavors of licorice, raisins, subtle gingerbread, of roasted nuts and a fine wood note. A nice long finish crowns the enjoyment.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: vanilla, gingerbread, pleasantly sweet
Taste: nicely balanced a touch of roasted nuts, licorice, raisins, and wood
Finish: sweet long lasting note